Fall 2019
Miami-Dade Soccer League; Florida Youth Soccer League


  1. Miami-Dade Soccer League
    Check link for SCHEDULE & LOCATIONS! U8; U9 Black & Orange; U10 Black, White & Orange; U11 Black & Orange; U12)

  2. Florida Youth Soccer League
    (U7 and U8 only)
    - Starts on October 5th! Schedule Coming Soon! SCHEDULE & LOCATION.

  3. South Florida 3v3 SPOOKOUT Tournament on Sunday Oct 27th. (Sunday ONLY; 10AM-5PM)
    Bamford Park
    (2013 Black; 2012 Orange; 2012 Black) Link: Coming soon! No referee fee!!!

Uniform: Orange Jersey; White Shorts; White Socks

Registration fee is included in the TRAVEL MEMBERSHIP. For Non-travel members click here to register!

MEETING TIME: 45 minutes before game time!

Teams/Rosters: Click here!

Referee Fees/team.

Referee Fees/team.

Club Policy Reminders

Ready for the Game:

  1. Players are expected to concentrate on playing soccer, having fun, always putting forth their best effort, and playing by the rules at all times.

  2. Players have to be at the game location, in proper designated AC Miami game uniform, shinguards, ready to start the warm-up 45 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the game. Players showing up in other than AC Miami's uniform will be denied to participate in the game.

  3. Players are expected to stay hydrated, eat properly within reasonable times with respect to game times, and practice safe and healthy nutrition.  

  4. Players have to accept the responsibility of bringing any additional equipment necessary for practice (cleats, shin guards, water, meals for multiple day tournaments).

Playing time: 

  1. Failure to be on time for the pregame meeting or allocated start time will not start the game. 

  2. Failure to be on time for the start of the game will result with no participation on the game.

  3. Games are a privilege and players must earn playing time by commitment, effort, and hardwork in trainings. Commitment is important to teach to children and we expect the parents to be involved in maintaining this character trait.

  4. Games allow players to express themselves and give their best effort. We support our players and encourage them to express themselves through sport mixed in with instructional guidelines from the coach. Players will not be substituted from the game for making mistakes, however, in the competitive level performance effects playing time.

General Club Etiquette

  • All coaching and player allocation decisions (team assignments) are made solely by the professional coaching staff of the club.

  • Parents may NOT step onto the field of practice, game/competition area, or around the game benches at any time. Parents will NOT be permitted near pregame warmups, discussions, or any pregame/pre-training or post-game/post-training team specific preparations and breakdowns.

  • Parents are implored NOT to coach during the match from anywhere at the field. Parents are spectators – they’re there to enjoy the matches.

  • Parents are expected to remain at an established distance of 15 feet (5 meters) from the practices indicated by the staff to allow fluid movement and independence in training. (I.e. park benches, the asphalt areas, etc.)  

  • Parents must conduct themselves properly at all times when players from the club are involved. The club and the coaches will not tolerate embarrassments and indiscretions at games and tournaments.

  • Tentative schedules planned for the season are just that. Sometimes tournament dates and game schedules change or are canceled all together, which are not within our control. Flexibility in rescheduling may be required at times. We aim to have in set schedules and organization in every aspect. However, changes may occur and we will accommodate accordingly.