Fiesta Cup 5v5 2019
Sunday, May 19th


Location Name: Amelia Earhart Park Address: 401 E 65th Street Hialeah, FL 33012  View Map

Uniform: Bring both the Orange and White Uniform kit!

Registration fee is included in the TRAVEL MEMBERSHIP. For Non-travel members click here to register ($65):

MEETING TIME: 45 minutes before game time for the first game! For those who didn’t sign the WAIVER 60 minutes! After every game 15 minutes prior game time!

Fiesta Cup 5v5 Schedule for Sunday May 19th

Teams/Rosters: Coming soon!

AC Miami U8 (2011) - U9 Future Stars (U9FS) the real U8 division

  1. Leonardo Thampy 

  2. Levi Egozi 

  3. Daniel Boza 

  4. Michael Gilligbauer

  5. William Suleman 

  6. Harrison Filler

  7. Carlos Jimenez

  8. Mateo Saravia (2012)

  9. Noah Colon

  10. Princy Gustave

AC Miami U9 Black (2010) 

  1. Alejo Dominguez Darriba 

  2. Lucas Novoa 

  3. Santo Viton 

  4. Tahi Roch 

  5. Nicholas Soulier 

  6. Noah Broder 

  7. Sebastian Israel-Sanchez 

  8. Julian Quevedo 

AC Miami U9 Orange (2010) 

  1. Otto Schmidt 

  2. Lio Sorroche 

  3. Saevar Bachmann 

  4. Santiago Arbulu

  5. Aiden Lange 

  6. Henry Sandkamp Machado

  7. Thomas Buckwell 

  8. Johnny Alejandro Bonilla

AC Miami U10 Black (2009) 

AC Miami U10 Orange (2009) 

AC Miami U11 Black (2008) 

AC Miami U11 Orange (2008) 

AC Miami U16 (2006-2003) 

AC Miami U19 (2002-2000) 

We know you don’t know which team number we are but all teams from the same age group play at the same time and this schedule will allow the clubs and families to plan their day.