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  • Director of Methodology

  • Football Monitor Base

  • Psychology course applied to football with the Autonomous University of Madrid.

  • Goalkeeper Preparation Course.

  • Sports Coaching Course.

  • Course Development and style of play.

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Coaching history

SEASON 2010/11 and 2011/12 – CHAPELA C.F.

My stage as a coach begins at Chapela C.F. when the sports director of the club sees in me a good candidate because of my skills on the field.

From the first moment in the training field, I feel within me that I am much more passionate than playing soccer as a player and my involvement with my first two work groups is very big, as I spend many hours watching exercises, training in courses and conferences and learning from different professionals.

The first year I train two teams from the club to the team under 10 and under 8 in which I was able to get my first trophies as a coach and I received some presents from the club and children.  

In the following year the club increases the confidence in me and assumes the risk of trusting me the best group of players of all the club the under 14 to which I manage to ascend to the maximum category, on the other hand also I have the opportunity to train to the under 12 also the maximum category in this age.

This year we won the prestigious Jessica trophy that has helped her improve her standard of living thanks to the funds raised through the tournament.

SEASON 2013/2014 – CORUXO C.F.

Since the last weeks of the season some top teams of the city come to see my way of training until the end of the season the Coruxo F.C. which the first team is in Second Division B decides to bet on me for his team Sub 10, despite I have to leave my current club but I face my new challenge with much enthusiasm.

The season in Coruxo is very successful collectively because the team plays very good football and is able to be in second place in the top league at this age.

One of the players Jacobo Perez-Llorente signs for R.C. Celta de Vigo, which was a great pride for me. He became the first player who after being trained by me came to one of the best young teams in the world. We won the Vigo Cup, an international trophy. At the end of the year I am named as the best coach of the whole club so Coruxo C.F. give me a band and the players also a t-shirt signed by everyone on which it says: we love you and thank you for an unforgettable year.

SEASON 2014/2015 AND 2015/2016 – ATLÉTICO DE MADRID C.

At the end of the season I analyze where I want to go in this world and my decision is to go to Madrid and start to really train as a coach, that's how I send my CV to some teams in the area including Atlético de Madrid and they are interested in me to train in one of their schools specifically the Escuela Atlético de Madrid Casarrubuelos in which I again have two teams in my charge.

On the one hand I play the role of assistant coach of the U16 in the top league in Spain which we reached the permanence in the category which was the main objective of the club and in turn I am first coach of the under 8 where there is a great improvement in many of the players. In that year I began my official licensed as a coach in the Madrid Football Federation and I get the title of UEFA PRO B".

The following season my coaching skills allow me to climb into the club and that's where I can become the first coach of the U-14 team and be the second coach of the U-17 team by helping the famous Santiago Prado "Pradito" who in turn becomes my practice tutor for the UEFA PRO A" course from which I learn many things that have helped me to improve as a coach.

In the middle of the season the Spanish Football Federation selects me as one of its representatives in the "Football Coaches" project that will take place in Derry (Northern Ireland) so I have to leave my teams, which causes me a lot of sadness but I can not miss the opportunity to represent the most successful International Federation in the World in the 21st century in another country as interesting as the United Kingdom.


At this stage I can take part in the community program that my club Maiden City Academy has working in over 20 different schools across Ireland and Northern Ireland and in turn do specific sessions with the academy teams every day of the week focusing the weekend on the team that I am assigned as assistant coach by the Under 13 team next to Stephen Parkhouse.

To finish my stage in Derry, I have the opportunity to do some exercises in several sessions of the Irish Under 12 selection, is my first and today only contact with the selection of a country and those days were very rewarding for me.

I was also lucky enough to fly to Sheffield (United Kingdom) in August to play a prestigious international Youdan Cup tournament with great teams from all over the world.

 In this months I had to study for many hours the Irish football association methods to can develop some drills with the  Under 12 national team

SEASON 2016/17, 2017/18 AND 2018/19 – ED Val Miñor and ED Val Miñor Pereiró.

In my return the best Soccer Academy of Galicia the EDVM is interested of me to train his main team in Under 12 and to train two of his teams in his other Soccer Academy in Vigo the EDVM Pereiró the under 19 and the under 10 besides being the leader of the formation of coaches in this school.

We Won many trophies that year with my 3 teams, it was a wonderful season for me as a coach.

The following season I decide to focus totally on the development of the subsidiary EDVM Pereiró in which I perform functions of Sports Director and coach of 3 teams of the club such as U10, U15 and U19, in turn I continue with the development of training for coaches and assume the total responsibility of this headquarters. The best trophy that I Won that year is Vigo Cup with Under 15 group.

In this last season I wanted to look for different things and I have dedicated another year to be Sports Director in EDVM Pereiró and train the team Sub 12 and for the first time in my life to a senior team Women, becomes a very short stage because in December 2018 I decide to leave the club and return to the main academy of EDVM to train coaches and help the club in the development and methodology of all 600 children who are part of this academy.