Registration process for RETURNING MEMBERS

Message to our loyal, returning members regarding the registration fees:

Athletic Club Miami have not been raising its registration and membership fees for 4 years now. Moreover, despite the increased tournament prices, we reduced the registration expenses of most of our programs.

As many of you experienced, our club started to grow on a fast pace during this season. We are very happy for the recognition and the high interest from new players to join our club. However, one particular thing that we want to show, teach and represent to our members is loyalty. Loyalty is an increasingly rare phenomenon in the 21st century… therefore it is one of the things that is the most valued virtue and experience in our times. Athletic Club Miami was made to create a second home, second family environment for the youth of our city, and these values can only be strengthen by the time we spend together. Our club never forgets its members who been there with the Orange Squad in hard times and good times.

To express our appreciation we are announcing our Registration Freezing Program for every of our members who have participated on our regular seasons anytime before June 8th 2019. For you we are freezing the Rec & Travel Soccer Program registration and membership fees of 2015-2019; which is $150 Annual Registration plus $110 & $240 membership/4 weeks.

This program only applies for members who register on time, and have ongoing regular season membership from the 2019/20 season, starting June 30th 2019! Late registrations and/or paused regular season members will not be allowed to participate in the program anymore.

Thank you for all of your support for Athletic Club Miami!

Register through the below windows!