Youth track & field program


  1. Fall Season, Cross Country (8 weeks [shorter because of Hurricane Irnma] October 31st - December 23rd)

  2. Spring Season, Track & Field (20 weeks, January 23rd - June 17th)

  3. Summer Season (AC Miami Full Day Summer Camp, Monday-Friday, 4 weeks)

ELIGIBLE Athletes: 6 - 18 years old competitors   

Practices: Ask for TeamSnap Invitation!!!        
                   Monday       6:35pm - 7:40pm, Legion Park Bayside, (675 NE 64th Terrace, Miami, FL 33138)
                   Thursday     5:30pm - 6:35pm, Legion Park Bayside, (675 NE 64th Terrace, Miami, FL 33138)


1. Club Registration $90.00/athlete (paid once in a lifetime)

  • Athlete's registration with Athletic Club Miami

  • Coaches, officers volunteers registration

  • Practice uniform kit

  • Administration expenses

2. Membership 

Spring 2017 Membership (20 Weeks) + 3 Track & Field Competitions

  • Single Child Membership: $480.00

  • Sibling Discounted Membership (for 2nd $ 3nd child): $384.00

  • Scholarship Discounted Membership: $240.00

Fall 2016 Membership (12 Weeks) + 2 Cross Country Competitions

  • Single Child Membership: $192.00

  • Sibling Discounted Membership: (for 2nd & 3rd child): $153.60

  • Scholarship Discounted Membership: $96.00

Payment Policy

  • All fees must be paid in advance, Membership paid at least two days before the athlete starts his/her practices.

  • Refunds for Membership are available with $80 cancellation fee, no refunds for Registration fee.

  • Membership can be divided into seven (7) parts by the Installment payment option.

  • Payments are debit/credit card, cash, personal check. Check payable for Athletic Club Miami, Inc or AC Miami.

Some guidelines for our Track practices:

1. We start the classes sharp timing, parents can only communicate with the coaches/athletes before or after the practice.

2. Parents, and children who did not complete the registration or the membership payments can not enter to the practice area!

3. Please bring one bottle of water for each child! Marked or recognizable flask if possible.

Moore Park Miami 765 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33127


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