AC Miami U14 at Adidas Brandon Cup 2018

Adidas Brandon Cup will be a special, "only for players" Traning Camp and Preparation Tournament for our U14 squad. This event is the first test weekend for the European Soccer Tour 2018, where we simulate the conditions of a professional training camp with pre-season practices & preparation games. 

The U14 players will be traveling together, and staying at the hotel with the teammates in 3 beds rooms. Athletic Club Miami will provide free bus transportation for the Miami-Brandon-Miami trip for the U14 Travel members. We will also invite three U12 players to guest play on this event. 

Date/Time: Fri, February 2nd 2018. 5PM - Sunday, February 4th, 2018. 9pm.
Games Location: Players Club of Tampabay, 1850 Windingwood Ave, Brandon, FL 33511
Hotel: Staybridge Suites Tampa East-Brandon 3624 North Falkenburg Road, Tampa, FL
Uniform: Bring the Orange and White Uniform kit
Coaches attend: Omar Persad (Head Coach); Chris Munoz (Assistant Coach); Gabor Pasztor (Manager)

Games Schedule:


Fields Map:

Schedule (Coach Omar)

Friday Night Arrival:

  • Room Keys will be ditributed
  • Meeting on conduct and rules for the trip
  • Curfew rules and Positive peer conduct speech
  • Overview of meeting times and expectations


  • 8:00-Team Meeting in Lobby
  • 8:15- 15 minute team jog/stretch in parking lot, with team tactics and strategy
  • 8:50- Breakfast
  • 9:15-Back to rooms, shower, prep.
  • 9:40-Meeting in Lobby for departure to field
  • 10:10-initiate warm up
  • 11:00- game time
  • 12:15- Departure to subway for lunch (to go)
  • 1:15-Eat lunch in rooms, shower, rest.
  • 2:15- Meet in lobby for departure
  • 2:45-initiate warm up
  • 3:30: game time
  • 4:45: depart field to hotel for shower and change (snacks and gatorade can be picked up on the way back to hotel)
  • 7:30-Dinner based on team decision/Team discussion at end of meal
  • 10:00-curfew and in bed.


  • 6:30- Breakfast with all gear ready for game
  • 6:50- Departure for game
  • 7:15- Initiate warm up
  • 8:00- Game time
  • Rest of the schedule will be dependent on performance and scheduling of games there after. 

All players will be held to a high standard of conduct and professionalism. Coach Chris and I will be doing room check for cuffed and expecting the players to comply with all our rules and conduct themselves accordingly. The schedule must be followed and players must be responsible to not miss any meeting times as young professionals. I thank you for all your attention and time in the matters. We hope to provide a positive and professional experience that mimics how college teams conduct their travels on away games. Thank you.

Transportation (15 seats passenger van): 

  1. Gabor Pasztor
  2. Nika Cospolite
  3. Henry Pinto
  4. Xavier Koepf
  5. Sebastian Doulliet
  6. Carlos Ricotti
  7. Jayden Bourgade
  8. Dylan Fernandez
  9. Enrique Murcia
  10. Tristan Samson
  11. Nicolas Vasquez
  12. Available


  1. Alexander Sasha Gilling
  2. Nika Cospolite
  3. Henry Pinto
  4. Xavier Koepf
  5. Sebastian Doulliet
  6. Carlos Ricotti
  7. Jayden Bourgade
  8. Alexis Rios
  9. Dylan Fernandez
  10. Enrique Murcia
  11. Tristan Samson
  12. Eden Singer (Arrives on Saturday afternoon)
  13. Nicolas Vasquez
  14. James Haynes from U12 Travel
  15. Joseph Flores from U12 Travel
  16. Sebastian Druck from U12 Travel

Hotel Info 

Staybridge Suites Tampa East-Brandon 3624 North Falkenburg Road, Tampa, FL

Please go to "U14 TeamSnap/Payments" to book your room! Here: 

AC Miami Discounted fee: $159/room/night +2.9% (the room is also tax free with AC Miami)

  • Room 307: Carlos, Jayden, Henry $109.00/person 
  • Room 313: Dylan, Sasha, Sebastian $109.00/person
  • Room 125: Enrique, Nico, Nika, Xavier $81.80/person
  • Room ???: Eden Singer, Daniel Singer arrives Saturday afternoon
  • Room 108: Gabor Pasztor, Jesus Calderon, Omar Persad 
  • Room 303: Rebel

What to bring

  • Soccer outfit: Orange and White Uniforms; 
  • Soccer Cleats; Shinguards.
  • Long pants, Sweater; Jacket.
  • Water bottles.
  • Cash for Saturday, Sunday lunch and dinner.