AC Miami Beach BBQ & Soccer

Come and spend the afternoon with the AC Miami Family at the beach! We will play Parents vs Players beach soccer, have a barbecue, and of course, at every breaks we will cool down in the ocean!

As usually, we would like to share the "to bring list" of the beach Bbq day, please list what you are willing to bring at this link: Click Here! 

Also, we would like to remind you for our habit during get togethers: AC Miami wants to set an example with our environmental-awareness! This means to us, on our outdoor get togethers we only bring reusable plates, cups, food containers, cutlery, and we do not leave uncountable trace of trash behind us. I hope you will support my idea and help your children to create a better future!


Safety notes: Please be aware it is not an official practice or event of our club, and we are not able to take responsibility for the children/players. The coaches will not be able to look after the young participants, every parent or guardian is liable for their own children!