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We are sincerely writing to you with the desire of having your organization as part of our family. As a Non-profit organization we support children with economic needs that have the desire of maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Athletic Club Miami members and its founder are directing this request concerning a sponsorship and or donation opportunity to our soccer and/or track & field programs.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why kids stay away from sports has to do with their family economic needs, and we believe that this should not be a barrier in the development of somebody’s talent, especially when there can only be positive outcomes from these activities.

The main purpose of this request is because we would like to receive help in minimizing the expenses on our equipment; in this manner, we could focus more in the expenses for trainings, tournaments fees, and transportations. 

In our short existence, many of our competitive teams were crowned as Champions of the South Florida Youth Soccer League (SFYSL), and SEAS League, and we are only getting better. You can be assured that your donation will be honestly used for the benefit of our kids and their parents whom are sacrificially helping them in having a better way of living and achieving their dreams. Our dedicated (both in school and sports), talented, and unique kids range from three (3) years old to sixteen (16).


Our young athletes would greatly appreciate any donation from your company in the area of Soccer and Track & Field Department.

Our organization is in need of the following matters:

  • fundraising for synthetical turf soccer field - Goal: $250,000

  • fundraising for European Soccer Tour - Goal: $15,000

  • water bottle carriers;

  • portable soccer bench;

  • soccer bench team shelter;

  • projector for our classes, parents meetings and events;

  • track & field high jump mattress.


If Athletic Club Miami have the honor to have you as our sponsor we can offer several platforms to promote your company, such as:


People will see your logo at events, social media, news and game day.


Exposure on each piece of merchandise sold.


Premium location exposure, website activity package. Our website had 27,ooo visitors in the last 12 months and it's keep growing!


Our Facebook page posts reach from 6,000 to 13,ooo visitors every months and it's keep growing!


Flyers, Radio Spots, Billboards, TV, Commercial. Soccer League.

Sponsorship Packages

  • Bronze Level

  • Silver Level

  • Gold Level

Sponsor limitations on packages:

  • Maximum three Bronze level for one Team or for The Club

  • Maximum one Silver level for one Team or for the Club

  • Maximum one Gold level for one Team or for the Club


Our Proud Sponsors and Partners