Soccer School

for college and pro athletics candidates

Why:  We pride ourselves on success and require ourselves to do so by offering everything a player needs in one place. Players have teams they compete with, but are often seeking personal and additional training to improve other parts of their game. The goal of our schools is to fill this void and offer the full package for development. Focusing on the fundamentals with precision, accuracy, and repetition. This will guarantee personal improvement and allow our players the ability to reach goals that will aid in their success for years to come.

Who: college and professional soccer candidates and any player who has set developmental goals.

Where: TBA on TeamSnap

When:  every Wednesday from 5:30pm-6:45pm (75 minutes), 6:45pm-8pm (75 minutes)
every Sunday from 4:15pm-5:30pm (75 minutes), 5:30pm-6:45pm (75 minutes)

What: Small group (maximum 4 players in each groups). Technical Skill Training, Passing Training, Attacking Training, Defending Training, Shooting Training, Visualization Training, and Goalie Training.

Cost: All funds will be dedicated to ACM Teams, equipment, and Players.

Soccer School (Wednesday, Sunday)
from 55.00
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We are proud to present the Athletic Club Miami Soccer School to our players and parents. We pride ourselves on the development of our members, and hold ourselves to the highest standard to do so. It is essential to focus and concentrate week in and week out on the most basic fundamentals that make a player successful. It is essential to implement these aspects in the earliest stages of development for maximal results. Team trainings are necessary in the development of many critical aspects and dynamics of the game. However, it is also necessary to focus and maximize the individual skills of each player. This will ensure the success of each player's development and growth to reach goals of all levels. We firmly believe in this method and offer everything a player requires in one place to become successful on and off the field. This is held in the highest regard with respect to our player’s futures. We want to produce complete well rounded soccer players and outstanding overall individuals.

Philosophy and Methodology:

The ACM Schools training method and philosophy is focused on each player and tailored to their individual needs. This requires on and off the field development as an individual and player in sport. It is essential to introduce and master the fundamentals through repetition, master weaknesses, and build on strengths. We focus on the mentality of the player and stress the importance of visualization along with game and player psychology. The trainings hit every aspect and detail required to become successful based on age, level, and goals. It is most important to us the development of our players and to see them succeed in academics, sport, and as individuals. It is more than just training, this is a family. We take care of our own!

To ensure success in reaching goals of all levels, we must ensure proper development. Our main goal is to create a professional environment that individually prepares all of our players for reaching success in academics through sport. Training our players as professionals to one day succeed in obtaining a college scholarship to pursue an education and provide a future. Some of these goals include but are not limited to:

  • College Soccer Scholarships

  • Academic Scholarships

  • Becoming a Professional Soccer Player

  • Becoming a Starter on your team

  • High School Varsity Team Selection

  • Selection for the ACM European Summer Trip and Tryouts

  • Olympic Development Player Selection (ODP)

    • Florida State Team

    • Regional Team

    • USA Youth National Teams

Technical/Dribbling School

One of the most important aspects of the game is the ability to have ultimate control of the ball and technique in doing so. Proper form and technique is essential to quickness of play and maintaining possession. Control of the ball is required for all aspects of on the ball play. Without superior mastery of these skills and fundamentals, it is near impossible to build and improve on every other part of the game. The one thing most parents and players seek is personal training in technical development. The Technical Soccer School will ensure that need is met.  The ACM Technical Soccer School  focuses on this fundamental everyday and we expect our players to be superior technically and have ultimate ball control.

Passing School

We hold a strong emphasis on long and short range passing and shooting with proper accuracy, pace, power, form, and technique. Also, to read the game in deciding which of each or combination of is required for a certain play. We require repetition of each to perfect the technique and form a template for how to do so with ease and making it second nature. Teaching the aspect of reading the game and repetition in finishing aids in increasing statistical opportunities of scoring the goal, maintaining possession, and developing all passing skills. The development of every type of pass for any situation is concentrated upon.

Attacking/Defending School

Attacking and Defending are the two components that make the game. Simplifying each job and showing each player how to do each component properly and efficiently is essential to their development. This training includes repetition shooting training that is not highlighted in team trainings. Taking hundreds of shots on goal with instruction on how to do so from a variety of situations. 1 vs 1 dynamics of how to beat a player and find the goal with precision, quickness, change of pace, and reading the defender. Defensive stance and repetition on defending in a variety of situations. We expect our players to develop and become experts in these two components. This will aid in their personal development and becoming better team members.

Goalie School

In team trainings finding repetition in shots to save is close to none. Our Goalie school allows the players to receive numerous shots in a variety of game like situations. Repetition in saves, quickness of decision making, experience, and distribution of the ball. The goalie is the first form of attack and their distribution and decision making must be fine tuned and superior. Physical preparation is key but the mentality of the goalie is focused upon highly. This will take place along with the Attacking and Defending Soccer School.