Youth travel Soccer Program

The Travel Soccer Program of Athletic Club Miami was created to provide a more competitive platform for players who are willing to get more involvement in soccer. Our Travel Program's goal is to create the highest level of education for our players who are driven by a love of the game and a desire to be better.

Players who have shown an interest and ability greater than most recreational players can take advantage from moving to travel soccer.

The benefits are the following:

  • Discipline. Once a child moves up to travel, it requires much more work outside of the normal practices and games to allow their skill level to increase and improve. There is endless value for kids to learn that hard work, commitment, and discipline are required to excel in anything they do and this discipline can help them both on and off the field in all areas of their lives.

  • Discounted League and Tournament Fees, because the schedule and the participants of the events are planned well in advance.

  • Challenges. Experiencing the challenges that they will encounter in a more competitive league.

  • Travel. Kids as well as some adults and coaches love to travel. Soccer tournaments offer a chance to get away for a weekend and do a “mini vacation” with the kids.

  • Versatile experience. Another reason soccer club teams like attending tournaments is because you play other teams not in your area.

  • Scouting. There are many “College Showcase” and International soccer tournaments that allow kids to be looked at by numerous collegiate/professional coaches.

  • Team, player, and parent bonding. Regardless of what anyone says about tournaments, good or bad, there is a lot of team bonding. This includes players, parents, teams, and coaches.

Athletic Club Miami - Johanna James and the Bonavita Family at FIFA TV.

Please be aware the Travel Teams’ Rosters are limited to certain amount of players. The Registration for the 2018/19 Travel Soccer Program OPENS on June 19th 2018 and will CLOSE on July 31st 2018. Members who missed the deadline will not be guaranteed to receive the practice & game uniform sets by August 27th, moreover they will be missed out from the Travel Teams’ Roster, and the registration opportunity will be given to another player who is on waiting list


To create more playtime, support competitiveness and to reward professional attitude we divide the pool of travel players on the games into an ‘A’ (Black) and ‘B’ (Orange) squad.
The pool of ‘A’ and ‘B’ team players practice together with the Head and Assistant Coach, but based on their weekly practice attitude, work ethic and game performance, they are rotated in between the two rosters throughout the entire season.
With that being established, we will apply the professional European teams’ system, in which the underperforming athlete gets the same amount of playtime, but in the reserve group, and the players with the best work ethic are invited to the top team's roster. Using this method we can secure the playing time of each player, and in the same time make sure, competitive nature surrounds us throughout the whole season. Furthermore, the best performing players in Athletic Club Miami are rewarded by getting invited to play in the older divisions in multiple occasions. We will keep this tradition, since the players have been greatly benefiting by the extra playtime and versatile experience.