Season Closing Party
& Award Ceremony 2018

Date/Time: FRiday, Dec 14, 2018 at 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM.

Location: Legion Park Bayside, Community Room (675 Northeast 64th Terrace, Miami, FL 33138)


1. Introduction.

2. Demonstration of our results.

3. Demonstration of our short and long term goals.

  • Practices

    • Practice methodology

    • Conduct

  • Travel Tournaments

    • 3v3 Disney

    • Weston Cup - European guest players at AC Miami

    • Disney Memorial Day Tournament

    • European Soccer Tour & Intersport Youth Soccer Festival

  • Player evaluations (15-20 minutes with every parent and player)

    • Practice attendance, game attendance

    • Game statistics

      • played games

      • grades of games 1-10

      • scored goals/assists

  • Speed & Conditioning + Injury prevention

  • AC Miami coaching staff

  • Homework (rules; history of soccer; tactics)

  • Player Development

4. Questions & Answers.

5. Coaches' message

  • Coaches will shortly summarize their team's season

  • The teams' plans for 2019 will be presented

6. Award Ceremony of AC Miami members.

Please note that because of age characteristics and educational purposes only 2010 born and older players will be awarded. 2011 and younger players will be nominated, but to represent that sport requires multiple years of persistent training they will not be awarded. In AC Miami we will always do our best to find the fair way of rewarding, but not to forget sport is about participation, and the privilege of being part of a great experience.

We will reward our athletes with the following honors:

  • Best Attendance nominees: Nathan Ristic; Cole Wolfson; Chase Wolfson; Gabriel Rozanski; Mateo Acero; Matthias Del Vecchio; Yiani Tettamanti; Pax Kim

  • Toughest Defensive Player nominees: Cy Loveland; Simone Lasco; Santo Viton; Lushan Agrawal; Matthias Del Vecchio; Lenny Jacob

  • Best Offensive Player nominees: Pax Kim; Noah Broder, Lucas Novoa; Alejo Dominguez; Tahi Roch; Mateo Acero; Jean-Mary Monney; Lenny Jacob; Nathan Ristic; Shams Malnik; Rauf Ekrem Erkurt

  • Good Student Good Athlete nominees: Nicolas Soulier; Tahi Roch; Mateo Acero; Matthias Del Vecchio; Jude Lin; Laszlo DeWeerdt; Pierre Lin; Alejo Dominguez; Jean-Mary Monney; Simone Lasco; Zachary Guerra

  • Rookie of the year nominees: Simone Lasco; Nicolas Soulier; Shams Malnik; Mauro Massini; Zachary Guerra; Anand Thampy; Laszlo DeWeerdt

  • Loyalty Award nominees: Gabriel Rozanski; Mateo Acero; Nicolas Bond; Cy Loveland; Matthias Del Vecchio; Pax Kim; Tahi Roch; Alejo Dominguez; Otto Schmidt; Alvin Otto Ahrens

  • Most versatile player nominees: Tahi Roch; Mateo Acero; Nicolas Soulier; Matthias del Vecchio; Alejo Dominguez; Jude Lin

  • Biggest improvement in 2018 nominees: Santiago Zoltan Fuisz; Jean-Mary Monney; Simone Lasco; Chase Wolfson; Michael Gilligbauer; Lucas Novoa; Santo Viton; Sebastian Israel-Sanchez.; Jude Lin; Yiani Tettamanti; Nicolas Soulier; Anand Thampy

  • AC Miami Talented Athlete Scholarship 2018: Nathan Ristic; Mateo Acero; Tahi Roch; Alejo Dominguez Darriba; Lenny Jacob; Lushan Agrawal

7. European Soccer Tour Fundraising and Raffle.

8. Food, drinks and music time.