September 2016

South Florida Super Cup-logo2.png

Thank you to all the families and friends for participating on the South Florida Super Cup. We appreciate your ongoing support on this extremely hot weekend; it was a great experience to see our parents making the whole club a big family. Everyone continuously had been offering cold water and food to the players and to the coaches; nobody was left behind or forgotten. We can be really proud of our team spirit!

Our coaches had been waiting for the opportunity to challenge their teams against South Florida’s strongest clubs long time ago. We received an important feedback; after this the conclusions have to be drawn and solutions have to be put into practice as soon as possible. 

The first deficiency that was recognized is the lack of knowledge of the offside rule. Since these tournaments apply this Law #11 of FIFA from the youngest U8 age group, we need to build up our defensive and offensive plays based on this fact. Putting this tactical issue to practice causes problems even for professional adult teams (with the defensive line), therefore that is a normal reaction if it confuses the players in the beginning. Nevertheless we will begin to work on this issue and make a step-by-step progression, starting this week.

For the first step we kindly ask you to play the below video to the players at least twice before our classes on Friday, Sept. 9.
Video explanation of offside: