Attila Polyak is the new Director of Coaching at AC Miami

We're pleased to announce that Attila Polyak, acclaimed as a director and top youth head coach at Ujpesti TE, will soon be taking the position of Director of Coaching at Athletic Club Miami. Polyak was also the Head Coach of the Hungarian U14 Regional National Team, as well as the main scout for this same successful division. 

We originally scheduled his arrival to the end of July, soon after our ‘08 team’s European soccer tour, which was Attila’s first longer coaching experience with AC Miami. However, some visa circumstances only allow him to arrive shortly after the start of our season, most likely the second week of September.

Polyak’s main duty at our department will be to educate the coaching squad and supervise their work, moreover he will take on the 2012 and 2009 Travel teams as a Head Coach. 

You have to always want to be the best! In the exercise, on the practice, in your team, on the game, in the championship, in your country and on the world!”
— Attila Polyak

We are fortunate to receive Mr. Polyak as a new member of the Athletic Club Miami family. After Coach Jani, Attila is now the second UEFA licensed coach in our team, ensuring the European system is represented in our playing style and coaching methodology. Despite their young age this two has a long alumni to introduce, and for the delight of the youth they are planning to grow the list in Miami. 

Go Orange!