For the Parents/Guardians of our Athletes

Athletic Club Miami cannot be a club without the involvement of parents/guardians. We need you to be as motivated and involved as our athletes. Your support is essential to the athlete and team’s development; therefore is your responsibility as well to ensure the athlete's attendance to training, games, and other club activities. On our end, we will always do our best to share our schedules ahead on time in order to allow you to prepare accordingly; therefore, we expect timely communication on your end as well in case of any conflict with schedules, participation, and transportation.

As we know, respect is a primordial part of our mission, we ask you to respect the decisions of each team coach and do not make negative comments about coaching decisions whether to other parents or athletes. Is the coaches' responsibility and job to decide how to approach its team's goals and each athlete's strengths and weaknesses. Our coaches have priorities and goals that may encompass long-term results; therefore, please be aware that you will not always agree or understand the coaches decisions. 

We kindly ask you to forbear at all times criticizing our athletes and bringing down their focus and performance. Our athletes are aware of their mistakes and part of our philosophy is to learn from them as a team and individually. Our coaches are educated and are responsible of teaching the athlete how to recover from these mistakes and how to outstrip each situation. Furthermore, Athletic Club Miami athletes are being trained in how to overcome situations such as dirty play, poor referring, weather, etc. We expect our parents, as well as our coaches to have the same mindset when it comes to situations that are out of our control.

Moreover, we expect you to attend to our parents meetings (quarterly). These meetings are fundamental for our communication as a club since we want to ensure that parents understand our goals, current development, disputes, objectives, and expectations. On the other hand, we also want to hear your feedback, preoccupations, opinion, and suggestions. At each parent’s meeting the coaches will share and give feedback on how the team and each individual of the club is performing. Coaches will also dwell more regarding future trainings, goals and what is needed on your end.

Athletic Club Miami listens to every suggestion and comment with great respect and disposition. We are aware that once you join our program you are investing and making some sacrifices in order to be part of our club.  Notwithstanding, we would like to remind you that the final decisions regarding what is best for the team interests relies on the Coaches, Directors, and Club Manager. Also, please be advised that once your kid(s) enrolls our program he/she is not only part of a team, but of a club; therefore, some decisions are going to be taken as a club. Every member and its parent(s) has to be committed to the club’s mission, motto, and goals and we kindly ask you to contribute to the success and implementation of it. Parents that fail to comply the club's conditions can be suspended or explulsed from our practices and/or club. 

Lastly, due to expenses towards registrations, equipment, schedules, staff, and more. We have a NO REFUND POLICY. We kindly ask you to understand everything before committing and joining our program. Athletic Club Miami will not release any player after they have joined our program. If a player would like to be released, it's balance has to be cleared. Regarding travel team players, an additional release fee of $150.00 will be added to the remained balance.