Athletic Club Miami Policies

For our Athletes

On the field:

  • Ready for the Practice:

  1. Athletes have to be at the training location wearing AC Miami practice uniform; ready to train 5 - 15 minutes prior the scheduled start time of the training session. Players showing up without AC Miami uniform, won't be allowed to practice with the team; or as a last solution they can purchase a new set of uniform (if available) at the practice location, and continue with the training after this issue have been resolved.

  2. Athletes should not have any meal less than one hour before practice, and specially, should not eat a big meal less than 2 hours prior practice.

  3. Athletes need to use the bathroom as necessary before the practice starts.

  4. Athletes have to accept the responsibility of bringing additional equipment necessary for practice  (Soccer: cleats, shinguards, ball, water. Track: spikes shoes & water)

  • Ready for the Game:

  1. Players are expected to concentrate on playing soccer, always giving their best effort and playing by the rules at all times.

  2. Players have to be at the game location, wearing AC Miami game uniform, ready to start the warm-up 30-45 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the game. Players showing up in other than AC Miami's uniform will be denied to participate on the game.

  3. Players should not have any meal less than two hours before the game time.

  4. Players have to accept the responsibility of bringing any additional equipment necessary for practice (cleats, shinguards, water, meals for multiple day tournaments).

  • Playing time: 

  1. Players who are late from the meeting time before the warm-up can not be in the starting line of the team.

  2. Every child who plays travel is expected to commit to a minimum of 85% of all team activities during the year, not just games. Do not expect to receive much playing time if you show up for games and not practices. Commitment is important to teach to children and we expect the parents to be involved in maintaining this character trait.

  3. Games allow players to try difficult skills in a fast-paced and competitive setting. Therefore, players will never be brought off the field because of making mistakes. If players pay attention on keeping their position, giving their best effort, and do not show unsportsmanlike attitude they should not been called off of the field because of mistakes.

  4. Players arriving late to the warm-up of the game will not be on the starting squad.

Off the field:

  • Education. Many researches show that competitive soccer players/athletes have better academic performance than average, non-competitive students. "The elite youth soccer players are more often enrolled in the pre-university academic system, which means that they are high academic achievers, compared with the typical student. The elite players also report an increased use of self-regulatory skills, in particular self-monitoring, evaluation, reflection, and effort." (1)  In Athletic Club Miami we think that education and physical education are inseparable cases; therefore, we underline the importance of cognitive skills, we adhere to continuous learning, independent thinking, the scientific approach of sport performance and ornate communication.

  • Diet. Athletic Club Miami places great emphasis on the diet of our athletes. To support the health benefits of physical activity, and to maximize the performance of our athletes, we are continuously educating our youth about the importance of nutrition for the human body. 
    Moreover, AC Miami offers a great deal for our members with one of the best sport nutritionist and diet delivery company in South Florida, the WMC Paleo. Their Athletic Meal Plans are "Designed for the athlete in all of us!" The AC Miami special athlete's meal plan available online with debit/credit card checkout on this link: Click here!

  • Exercising outside of Club practices. Every extra step you take is getting you closer to your ultimate goal. “More than a practice, it’s a LIFESTYLE!” Doing the best of your best means that you support your health and do everything possible in order to maximize your performance. Athletic Club Miami will guide you how to do more to unfold your potential:

  1. You can find exercises on our YouTube channel with our special access code for the season.

  2. AC Miami has some special exercises for right after your awakening.

  3. We will share with you the important stretching exercises that you can do during watching TV.

(1) Academic performance and self-regulatory skills in elite youth soccer players; Laura Jonker, Mar e T. Elferink-Gemser, Tynke T. Toering, James Lyonsb, Chris Visscher, University of Groningen, the Netherlands