General Club Etiquette

  • The members of Athletic Club Miami have a special relationship with each other and with their coaches. Joining our club means each athlete starts a new life, from that moment AC Miami members, parents and coaches always greet each other when they meet inside or outside of our club.

  • A member of the Club represents Athletic Club Miami not only at the sport field, but outside of our practice location too, such as school, public spaces and playgrounds.

  • Athletes greet the coaches in advance when they meet, and they address them as Mr./Ms. or Coach.

  • Members wearing the club uniform are expected to maintain a positive conduct, also a fair and sportsmanlike behavior everywhere they go. In this manner, it relates even more to our state and national level athletes, who are the faces of our club during their travel. Anywhere an athlete goes he/she always represents Athletic Club Miami, out of town we represent Miami, and when traveling to other countries we represent United States of America.