2019/20 Season Registrations


We are excited to start the next season! Please find the lists of accepted Travel team players at the below links! Congratulations for everybody who got invited to our travel teams.
Unaccepted players of the travel program can join our recreational teams. U6 (2014) and younger players participate in our recreational program.


To create more playtime, support competitiveness and to reward professional attitude we divide the pool of travel players on the games into an ‘A’ and ‘B’ squad.
The pool of ‘A’ and ‘B’ team players practice together with the Head and Assistant Coach, but based on their weekly practice attitude, work ethic and game performance, they are rotated in between the two rosters throughout the entire season.
With that being established, we will apply the professional European teams’ system, in which the underperforming athlete gets the same amount of playtime, but in the reserve group, and the players with the best work ethic are invited to the top team's roster. Using this method we can secure the playing time of each player, and in the same time make sure, competitive nature surrounds us throughout the whole season. Furthermore, the best performing players in Athletic Club Miami are rewarded by getting invited to play in the older divisions in multiple occasions. We will keep this tradition, since the players have been greatly benefiting by the extra playtime and versatile experience.

Players’ Jersey numbers in 2019/20 Season

During the online registration please list your preferred four uniform numbers (only 0-99) in priority order! [For example: 8; 88; 2; 11.] Please be aware the uniform numbers are given in the order of the registration deadlines and dates. We cannot guarantee any uniform numbers for players registering after June 30th!

!!!Please do not contact the club director regarding uniform numbers!!!

Accepted Travel players for the 2019-2020 season. Click on the icons!

2019/20 Season Registration links; deadlines

  1. Registration OPENS on June 18th and expires June 30th. We cannot guarantee any spot in our travel teams after the deadline! New members CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

  2. Players on waiting list will be contacted on June 28th 2019!

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