Spring Break Camp/Soccer Summer Camp

What can be more fun than all-day-every-day soccer? AC Miami have always been emphasizing the importance of full day camps in player development. In the seven hours of 9-5pm day, we have 270 minutes soccer practice and 45 minutes lecturing every day. That adds up to 1,350 minutes practice and 225 minutes learning about soccer tactics, strategy, history, sports nutrition and many more. To see more info about our camps Click here!
Remember, just as before; we cannot guarantee on site registrations for our soccer camps, therefore we kindly ask you to register ahead to secure your spot!

Soccer School

Our player developmental event, the Soccer School is almost fully booked every weekend! Please be aware, since there is a maximum of four players/coach on each session, there is a high demand, thus you have to checkmark your “AVAILABILITY” on TeamSnap/Soccer School to separate your spot sometimes days ahead! If you checkmark “Yes”, coming” but do not show up, we have to charge you for that session, because you took someone’s spot. More info & registrations for the Soccer School is here!

Upcoming League & Tournaments

Athletic Club Miami has the following teams participating in the Spring ‘19 Season of Florida Youth Soccer League.
Kendall Soccer Park: AC Miami U6; AC Miami U7; AC Miami U11
Tropical Park: AC Miami U9 Black; AC Miami U9 Orange; AC Miami U10 Black; AC Miami U10 Orange.

Our travel teams will have three more major events, Miami Cup & Showcase at Pinecrest; Fiesta Cup 5v5 and the ENIGMA Cup on the Memorial Day Weekend. See more info on TeamSnap and on the team calendars.




  1. April 23rd and 25th 2019, 5:30pm - Youth Soccer Tryout with European standards:

  2. June 4th and 6th 2019, 5:30pm - Youth Soccer Tryout with European standards:

  3. June 9th - 10th 2019 - LATENT LLC - AC Miami College Soccer Combine .

  • high school freshman

  • high school sophomore

  • high school juniors

  • high school seniors

  • More info coming soon!

Weston 3v3 Blast March 2019

Weston 3v3 Blast

We had an amazing Sunday this past weekend at the Weston Blast 3v3 tournament. Five out of eleven AC Miami teams got 1st Place, one 2nd Place and two 3rd Place.

Congratulations for all the participants!

European Soccer Tour & Intersport Youth Soccer Festival

Friends, supporters and family members, don’t forget to book your Budapest and Kaposvar hotels! More info here!

City of Miami Police Department and Athletic Club Miami Youth Soccer

City of Miami Police Department and Athletic Club Miami Youth Soccer

CMPD Practice

After the incident during the police practice next to our field, some heads of the City of Miami Police Department visited us to apologize and introduce themselves to our members. Thank you for the presentation and all the gifts from the police department!

AC Miami Beach Workout

Beach Workouts are BACK…

For the delight of many of our members we will start our beach workouts in April. The first one will take place at North Shore Open Space Park, April 17th 6:45am-7:30am. Meeting point at the beach: 7900 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

There is no registration required! Every parent is responsible for their minors at the beach!