Happy New Year AC Miami family!

We feel our first obligation is to thank the parents for all the help at the Season Closing Party, as well as congratulating them for raising tremendous amount of grants for the European Soccer Tour. We are very proud of this outstanding feat; you didn’t mind investing time and efforts to help others, and make the trip available for everybody.

We closed the most successful season in the history of our club last December, and by having this great attendance on the party we could worthily celebrate all of our achievements. Thank you to everybody who had been there for the event!

Let’s start with the most important news that effected our Spring season. We proudly announce our second and new location for our soccer teams… Little Haiti Soccer park.
Achieving this first and most important goal for 2019 did not come easy! we were fighting hard during the holidays to get the accessibility of Little Haiti Soccer Park, and thanks to the efforts of some outstanding individuals we got a confirmation today 5pm.
ergo Our teams will dress the fields orange every Tuesday and Thursday in LHSP from now and on. We believe this great addition to our club’s resources will help us reaching new heights.


LHSP was only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, therefore we are forced to modify our well-applied schedule of the Fall Season. We apologize for the misconvenience these change might cause. The new schedule of our teams is the following:

AC Miami Soccer 2019 WEEKLY SCHEDULE

AC Miami Soccer 2019 WEEKLY SCHEDULE

Soccer School

The Soccer School will move from Tuesday & Sunday to Wednesday & Sunday! The spots are getting filled up, please plan ahead if you are interested to join the sessions! See more on TeamSnap -> Soccer School!

Soccer camps in urban soccer five

Please review TeamSnap and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Calendar to allow you to plan the players’ activities for the upcoming holidays! We will hold camps on the Teacher Planning Days and the Spring Recess, but since we will be on tournaments we will not be able to cover Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday and All Presidents Day.
Remember, just as before; we cannot guarantee on site registrations for our soccer camps, therefore we kindly ask you to register ahead to secure your spot!

European Soccer Tour & Intersport youth soccer festival

The two participating teams of AC Miami on the European Soccer Tour are confirmed.

  • AC Miami U10
    Accepting 2 more 2009, and one more 2008 player

  • AC Miami U11
    Accepting 3 more 2008, and one more 2007 player

Thank you for your support! Go Orange! Have a great start of your new year!