October '18 NEWSLETTER

The season started with great results, but we cannot get comfortable yet, because there is a lot going on at the end of October and the following months. European Soccer Tour fundraising, full day soccer camps, 3v3 Tournament all worth a mention again.


If you have any problem with your uniform sizes please contact Coach Jani at jani.acmiami@gmail.com 

The official uniform kits will be the following, and from 1st of November, players can only wear the assigned combinations.

Practice Uniform kit: Orange jersey, Orange shorts, Orange socks.

Game Uniform kit: new Or/Wh/Bl jersey, White shorts, White socks.

Soccer School, Camps: players can wear the old uniform kits from last year.

Soccer Practice and Game Uniform kit

Soccer Practice and Game Uniform kit

Extra uniforms can be ordered here: Click here! Please be aware your extra uniform will be with a different number.

Policy - Parents Meeting

We saw progression in all of the aspects after the meeting, however there were still too many “unprofessional like” behavior that needs to be fixed. We take this opportunity to send reminders.

Despite our clear request we experienced the following parenting mistakes on the games last weekend:

  • Tardiness (less than before, but still exists). It should not be an issue anymore.

  • Players did not show up (we got no email or any notification about the missing players) Notify the Head Coach if you are missing any game or practice! 

  • Sunscreen during the warm-up. Do it before the official meeting time of the game!

  • Parents entered the field during warm-up to bring water, put sunscreen, give hugs to players. Do not enter to any of the fields! Soccer is for the kids! “The field is sacred!”

  • Parents playing soccer on the neighbor field. The Soccer League is for the kids, not the parents! Do not enter any of the organization’s field!

  • Taking photos during warm-up time. Same as above! Do it before the official meeting time of the game, and outside of the field!

Full Day Soccer Camp

There will be three Full Day Soccer Camps coming up in the next 3 weeks, two on teacher planning day, and the last one of the year is on Veterans Day. Camps are fun and one of the biggest opportunities to improve skills and tactical knowledge with five hours soccer and 45 minutes classroom lecturing included in the program.

  1. Oct 26 (Friday) Teacher Planning Day

  2. Nov. 6 (Tuesday)  Teacher Planning Day

  3. Nov 12th (Monday) Veteran's Day 

3v3 Tournament in Davie

We have completed the U6, U7, U9, U10 teams for the South FL 3v3 SPOOKOUT, that will take place in Davie, FL on October 28th (Sunday). However, there are still some available spots for registration: Click here!

Awards will be given to the 1st and 2nd place boys and girls teams for team costumes, as well as individual awards to the best two adult costumes. If you would like your team to be considered for the costume contest, you must tell us at check in. We will take a picture of your team at that time and enter them into the contest. Winners will be announced later in the day.

Decorate your tent/team area! We will be awarding candy baskets to the two best decorated tents at the tournament. You do not need to sign up for this... we will walk around looking at the tents....We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Please remember that while playing in the actual games, the kids must be "soccer safe." They cannot wear anything that presents a potential hazard to themselves or other players. The final decision on this is up to the referees! Face paint is fine, however, masks will not be allowed during the games.

Thank you for planning the kids attire so that it is fun, yet still safe to play in!

European Soccer Tour & INTERSPORT Youth Soccer Festival

We have the final dates and a Tentative Fees Breakdown announced on the website: Click here!

Where: Budapest & Kaposvar, Hungary

When: June 30th - July 10th 2018; 11 Days Tour (10 nights) 

               Budapest, Training Camp, (Budapest): June 30 - July 4th

               Kaposvar, INTERSPORT Youth Soccer Festival July 4-10th

We started the Fundraising for Individual Player and/or Club Level donations at the website: Click here!

2018/19 Season Tournament/League Calendar

We have all the games scheduled for the 2018/19 season, thus you can plan ahead and separate your weekends. Don’t forget, if your family is occupied, you can request help from the parents of your team and coaches.