November '18 NEWSLETTER

League Standings

Our U9, U10 and U11 travel teams are on a prestigious position in the Florida Youth Soccer League, leading the standings with guaranteed spot in the Finals weeks ago!
Thanks to all of our members for their sacrifices. We are confident that our work will pay off and we will see its peak manifested in the last and most important game. Go Orange!

Club culture and structuring…. Message from the Director

Thank you for the great progression in all of the aspects of conduct and consistency. Right now, AC Miami looks as the most organized club on every event by far.

Unlike at other organizations our parents are not mixing with the players and the coaches at the games, nobody comes to the bench and starts giving instructions; our teams start their warm up at least 20 minutes earlier than the others and in a very organized manner. Our uniforms, and equipment are orderly, our conduct is sportsmanlike and the teammates are comradely with each other.

Athletic Club Miami 2009 U10 Travel

There were multiple occasions when the opponents’ parents and coaches complimented our respectful behavior and nice tactical playing style. I don’t have to tell this is music to my ears! Thank you to all the parents and players who allowed it to happen…

Thanks for being there 15 minutes prior meeting time, for bringing extra uniforms just to make sure nobody is left behind. For those that don’t know we have good examples of sportsmanship and team spirit from the players side as well. One of the U9 players played the whole tournament final with high fever just not to let his teammates down, and another stayed until the end of the game with broken tooth and bleeding mouth. Also great respect for those who were injured, but still came to the practice and watched it from the sideline! This is the real AC Miami attitude!

Gabor Pasztor

AC Miami Team Apparel

We were very glad to see our members’ interest to unify our players not just by their common interest but the look as well. For everybody’s wish our new AC Miami club bags, sweaters and pants are available to order now!
There is limited number available in each sizes, if we run out of the inventory, pre-orders will arrive in three weeks.

Extra Tournaments

Some of our Travel Teams participate on extra events on the top of the six (6) tournaments that the 36 weeks Travel Membership includes. In addition to the 3v3 Disney our U10 Travel team requested extra tournaments in 7v7 format as well. We will register our U10 Travel, but for request we can participate with our other divisions as well! Let the coaches know if you are interested!

3v3 Nationals in Disney, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex - January 19-21 2019

ESPN Wide World of Sports is excited to announce the 2018 Disney 3v3 Soccer Championships! This event is the ultimate culmination of 3v3 tournaments around the country where you'll be treated like a champion and can celebrate like one too!

All of the divisions of Athletic Club Miami, starting with U6 will participate on the 3v3 Disney Nationals, held in January 19-21 2019.

3v3 games are fun and the biggest opportunity for improvement for any player, since the format allows the highest amount of game situations and ball touches. Lastly but not least the fields at ESPN are world class quality, just by playing on them is a great experience.

Qualified teams

  • AC Miami 2009 Travel Black

  • AC Miami 2010 Travel Black

  • AC Miami 2010 Travel Orange

  • AC Miami 2012 Travel (for U7 Travel members registration fee is included in the Travel Membership fee)

  • AC Miami 2013 Team

Team participating in the Open Division:

  • AC Miami 2008 Travel Black

  • AC Miami 2008 Travel Orange

  • AC Miami 2009 Travel Orange

  • AC Miami 2011 Travel

Sharks Soccer Cup & Showcase
April 5-7, 2019 Davie, Florida

logo Sharks soccer cup and showcase.jpg

The 2019 Sharks Soccer Cup & Showcase strives to become one of the most competitive tournaments by bringing together a great variety of teams from Region III and beyond. The tournament is for select teams of all ability levels, including 3 divisions, Gold, Silver, Bronze. Davie is 25-30 minutes drive from Legion Park!

European Soccer Tour & INTERSPORT Youth Soccer Festival

We have the final dates and the final Fees Breakdown announcement on the website: Click here! Unlike the prior years, the complete 11 days hotel and meals are included in the registration fee.

The Registration Deadline and $120 first installment is due on Saturday, December 8th 2018! Click here!

Where: Budapest & Kaposvar, Hungary

When: June 30th - July 10th 2018; 11 Days Tour (10 nights) 

               June 30 - July 4th: Budapest, Training Camp

               July 4-10th: Kaposvar, INTERSPORT Youth Soccer Festival

We started the Fundraising for Individual Player and/or Club Level donations at the website: Click here!

AC Miami Team Photo Shooting

We will have a Team Photo Shooting and Scrimmage day in Legion Park Bayside, on Sat, Dec 15, 2018 2:00 PM. (Uploaded to TeamSnap)